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Thorpe Animal Hospital does not perform non-therapeutic or cosmetic surgeries including declawing, ear cropping, and tail docking.
Dr. Thorpe is a member of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association and agrees with their following position statement...  

HSVMA Policy Statements

Cosmetic and Convenience Procedures in Companion Animals  HSVMA opposes surgical procedures performed on a companion animal solely for the cosmetic preference or convenience of the caregiver. Examples of such procedures include ear cropping and tail docking in dogs; devocalization of dogs and cats; and declawing or tendonectomy of cats.  Exceptions to this position would be the rare instances in which such surgeries are performed for therapeutic purposes. HSVMA urges canine breed clubs to eliminate ear cropping and tail docking from dog breed standards.

Approved by the HSVMA Board of Directors, November 2010 

Thorpe Animal Hospital Lapeer - Veterinarians that don't declaw 

Declawing a cat involves amputating a portion of the toe up to the first knuckle, severing the only flexor tendon, preventing them from properly flexing their paw and predisposing them to arthritis.  Cats by nature walk on their toes.  They scratch for exercise, stretching their muscles, to relieve stress and it is their primary source of defense.  All cats should have an appropriate place to scratch.

For more information including nail trimming and scratching posts please visit...

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You can also find more information from the AAFP American Association of Feline Practitioners at with their documents below.

Download - 2017 Declawing Statement 

Download - Client Brochure