Thorpe Animal Hospital

1678 Mayfield Rd
Lapeer, MI 48446



Sam - Practice Manager

"I consider my pets family and love being there to help others with their four-legged relatives too. My goal is to make sure each visit is as pleasant as possible for pets and their owners as medical visits can be a stressful time. I want to make sure it is a positive experience and love seeing happy tails! I have a brother and a few canine siblings. I also have two female American Staffordshire Terrier mixes of my own. My philosophy is that you never know what someone may be going through, it is crucial to remember that a smile or helping hand could mean the world to them."

April - Licensed Veterinary Technician

"I became a Licensed Veterinary Technician because I have always loved the medical field. I wanted to work in the veterinary field to give pets a voice and to give them the best care that they deserve. I enjoy giving owners the tools and knowledge they need to help care for their pets at home. My goal with every visit is to figure out every pet need and to give them the best treatment and care required to help them live their best life, and ensure that the owners are confident with trusting us to provide that care to their pets! My husband and I have two children, two dogs and two cats. (I’m like Noah!)"

Brandi - Licensed Veterinary Technician

"I became a veterinary technician because I wanted to help those that cannot speak for themselves. Getting the chance to educate pet owners and help build the human-animal bond is my personal goal for every person and animal I meet. I graduated from Macomb Community College in 2013 and have been working in small animal private practice since. My favorite focus is on pet dentistry. My pack consists of my husband, two dogs, two cats, three goldfish, and one catfish."

Heather - Licensed Veterinary Technician

"I have always been an animal lover, then the day after my honeymoon I met my soulmate. She was a corgi mix we named Bennet. We adopted her from a shelter in Pontiac. The day we brought her home, she became very sick with parvo. After watching the veterinary technicians take care of her and nurse her back to health, I knew what I was meant to do and never looked back. I could never imagine doing anything else. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, two dogs and two cats. In my spare time I love being outside and photographing wildlife."

Kristie - Customer Service Representative

"I joined Thorpe Animal Hospital because animals have been a huge part of my life since I could walk. I have always been surrounded by animals, so combining my love for animals and work was the easiest decision for me to make. I also spent many years training horses with my mother and giving riding lessons. I love being a part of your animals’ health and well-being and strive to make every patient feel comfortable and stress free. My family consists of my husband, two daughters, one dog and two cats. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” - Jennifer Dukes Lee "

Amanda - Licensed Veterinary Technician

"I have always had a passion for helping animals whenever I could. That is why this field was an easy choice for me. I enjoy watching the animals grow and the human bonds they create. My personal goal with every patient visit is to make it as positive and informative as possible. My family consists of my husband, son, two beagles, and a lab mix. In my spare time I love to fish, scrapbook, and spend time with my family and loved ones."

Marilee - Customer Service Representative

"I have loved animals since I was very young and have  been working with them most of my life. This includes pet sitting at a young age, volunteering at rescues, and working at a boarding facility, pet food stores, and a dog training facility. Working with animals is my passion and
purpose. My goal is to help our patients and their owners feel comfortable and understood during their visit. I live with my spoiled five year old Chihuahua and even more spoiled fourteen year old fluffy tabby cat. I cannot wait to meet your furry family member."

Shelby - Licensed Veterinary Technician

"I have had a passion for working with animals ever since I was a small child. I volunteered at a local rescue for almost ten years. I am grateful that I now have the opportunity to work with and help animals every day. My goal with every visitor is to create a positive experience for the animals and their families and hopefully send them home feeling better than when they arrived. My fur family currently consists of three small dogs, Bugsy, Boaz, and Elliot."

Cheyenne - Assistant

"I have always had a passion for helping any animal that needed it, so finding myself working here is a pure joy. Most of my free time is spent on our farm with my husband, caring for our animals, tending to our garden, and riding our horses. My goal, in performing my job, is to compassionately help our clients, patients, and team in any way that I can, to reinforce our best standards of care."

Shannon - Assistant

"It has always been animals for me. Ever since I was little and watching Animal Planet with my grandma, I just knew that caring for animals was what I wanted to do. I feel a sense of accomplishment that I have not felt with any other job. I want everyone’s pets to feel a comfortable and safe as possible. I enjoy getting to know the client as well as their pets, so the client also feels that sense of comfort. I love all animals, so my pet family is pretty large. I have three fur-kids that greet me at the door. Russel is my dog and my two cats are Charlie and Linda. I also have over 25
snakes and several spiders, including tarantulas. Reptiles and invertebrates are my passion and I see myself always having a large exotics family."

Frank - Greeter

"Frank is a kitty originally rescued from the streets by a volunteer at Paradise Animal Rescue. He came to live at Thorpe Animal Hospital in fall of 2006 after a yearlong stay at the shelter. He was very shy and scared of people for a long time, but now he is the king of his own castle. You will surely see him almost every time you stop by. He is usually on top of his cat tower bird watching in his very own garden."


"Caroline is a female tabby cat who was also originally rescued from the streets by a volunteer of Paradise Animal Rescue. She came to live at Thorpe Animal Hospital in fall of 2006 after a two yearlong stay at the shelter. She is still very shy and spends most of her time curled up in her very own recliner chair in the office supervising the staff. But, if you keep your eyes open you may see her on occasion."